Global Skills Cross-Cultural Training

Develop Successful Communications and Leadership Skills

Our workforce is more global and mobile than ever before, which makes it even more important for professionals to develop their cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. The Global Training Initiative utilizes easy to apply frameworks to help participants learn how to successfully navigate cultural differences in professional and personal situations.

The GTI’s training team is certified by Berlitz as Cultural Orientations Approach (COA) Corporate Practitioners. Trainers are also certified to utilize and debrief individuals and teams on their Aperian GlobeSmart Profile and the Cultural Intelligence Center’s CQ Profile and Cultural Values Report. We have a range of standard and custom global skills training workshops for professionals and students. Our training center and office is located on the NC State University campus in Raleigh, NC or staff members can travel to conduct trainings and workshops onsite.

Better understanding your own and others’ cultural preferences can make for a more harmonious working/living environment. Truly, anyone can benefit from the workshop series, especially those who work in leadership positions. 

Kasey Harris, Global Skills Certification Recipient

Global Skills in the Workplace

Read more about how recent graduates of the cross-cultural certification training program are using their newly acquired knowledge and skills in their professional careers.

Open Enrollment Workshops

Foundations for Global Success
(Level I Certification)

This training is intended for professionals who want an introduction to addressing issues they face in interactions with clients, constituents, and others from different cultures. In this 2-hour workshop, participants will:

  • Identify the cultural challenges for their professional role
  • Develop new awareness and attitudes toward differences in cultural preferences
  • Define key cultural values within a professional context
  • Leave with a toolkit of strategies for successful cross-cultural interactions

Developing Cultural Acumen
(Level II Certification)

This training is intended for professionals who want to examine their own cultural preferences and learn to apply a systematic approach to navigating cultural differences. Participants must have completed Level I certification. In this 3-hour session, participants will:

  • Learn how to apply frameworks and models of cultural orientations to their workplace
  • Investigate their own cultural preferences and why certain contexts are more challenging
  • Identify strategies for bridging cultural gaps in a professional context
  • Receive access to Berlitz’s “Cultural Navigator” for a year ($99 value)

Application of Global Skills
(Level III Certification)

This training is intended for professionals who want to be equipped with the best practice tools and frameworks for understanding, managing, and leveraging cultural differences in their organizations and interactions. Participants must have completed Level I & II certification. In this 3-hour session, participants will:

  • Identify various global skills and how to apply them in a professional context
  • Practice applying global skills in real-life workplace scenarios
  • Develop action plans specific to addressing concerns with cross-cultural interactions

Screenshot of First Impressions
Global Leadership in VR

The award-winning “First Impressions” module allows participants to dive into the minds of your global partners and engage in learning about culture on both a cognitive and emotional level.