Cultural Competence Student Programs

Gateway to Cultural Perspectives

The Developing Cultural Competence certificate program allows NC State students to join students from partner institutions across the world in facilitated online discussions and cultural exchanges after completing a series of self-paced individual learning modules. Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to participate.

1100+ participants from 2018-2021, including NC State students from 10 of the 12 colleges

The DCC curriculum is already embedded in credit-bearing courses and co-curricular programs

The DCC training is utilized in study abroad and incoming exchange student orientations

Global Learning For All: DCC provides a global learning experience for students to encourage future international engagements

“I’m really grateful for this experience because I met new people, made new friends from all over the world, and became more tolerant and respectful of different cultures.”

DCC Program Participant

Fall 2021

GTI will continue to offer virtual open enrollment offerings through the 2022-2023 Academic Year for NC State students and global partners. Students can apply on the main DCC program page.

Scheduling Models

Classic Co-curricular Virtual Exchange

GTI schedules open enrollment opportunities and students register for time/dates that fit their schedule. These courses provide students the opportunity to learn alongside students from other universities around the globe. The meetings are typically set up to meet weekly for four weeks at 9:00 AM Eastern Time (this is a time that lets us connect to most other global partners).

Custom Course Embed*

GTI can work with individual faculty members to embed the DCC content into existing scheduled academic courses and university programs. (Example: AEE 326: Teaching Diverse Learners, Spring 2020)

Orientation Program or Study Abroad Component*

Students within a particular course or program
(Example: E480 and the Namibia Wildlife Aerial Observation Study Abroad and Global Village Living and Learning Village Orientation)