About Us

The Global Training Initiative (GTI) at NC State University is proud to be part of the institution that won the 2014 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization – Comprehensive Award. The GTI and its programs have also individually been recognized with the North Carolina Association of International Educator’s Institutional Award and the Deborah S. Moore Outstanding Service Program. We are part of NC State’s Office of Global Engagement.

Vision: Positioning North Carolina as a global hub of education, business, and culture
Mission: Connecting campus resources with community needs for global success in North Carolina

Student in front of NC interactive map

Our Impact

Since the Global Training Initiative (GTI) launched in 2008, our student and professional programs have added at least $21.5 million to the university and the local economy. Learn more about the economic impact of our programs.

Visit our newsroom for the latest on how our students, faculty, staff, and programs embody NC State’s “Think and Do” attitude.

Connect With Us

Our training center in located on NC State’s Main Campus. Find out how to connect with us in person or online.