Global Leadership in VR

Develop a new superpower – the ability to read minds across cultural boundaries.

Why Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality provides unique opportunities for training related to leadership and management in a safe and engaging environment. “First Impressions” aims to develop conflict resolution skills for participants. This 360 VR video can be used as part of a course aimed at developing global management and leadership skills.

Serious Play awards bronze medal

The award-winning “First Impressions” module allows participants to dive into the minds of your global partners and engage in learning about culture on both a cognitive and emotional level.

The 10-minute module includes 2 scenes:

  1. Tensions begin to develop as new international team members meet for the first time in China.
  2. Participants select a character and experience the rest of the meeting from his point-of-view — hearing his thoughts and reactions to the discussions.
Teaching First Impressions

Serious Awards

First Impressions took home a bronze medal in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards, which recognize excellence in games designed for use in K-12 or higher education settings.

Students in VR headsets

2018 Campus Technology Impact Award

Using VR to help students understand cultural differences

Learning Objectives

By the end of this activity participants will be able to:

  • Identify how culture impacts our perception of conflict by reviewing and understanding a model of cultural dimensions.
  • Discuss how culture shapes our reaction to conflict by observing a scenario in VR.
  • Discuss how culture shapes our approach to conflict management by experiencing the cognitive processes of a character in the VR scenario.