GEARS Faculty Mentors

The success of the GEARS program stems from faculty engagement, so we are continually looking for faculty or departments who are willing to host and provide a lab skills experience to one or more talented undergraduate students from our global partner universities for 4 – 8 weeks in the winter or summer.

Winter GEARS: January-February (4-5 week program with multiple start and end dates) 
Summer GEARS: June-August (4-8 week programs with multiple start and end dates)
Fall GEARS: August-September (5 week program with one start date)

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Develop research plans so your student(s) have the equivalent of 4-8 hours of research work per day. This may include day to day supervision by a graduate student already working in your lab.
  • Define one or more research tasks that the student(s) would be able to accomplish before the end of their program.
  • Meet at least once a week to monitor progress, give advice, answer questions, and troubleshoot any problems.
  • Write a short, final evaluation of your students’ research experience.
  • Keep GTI updated on any publications, papers or patents that include GEARS students as co-researchers or authors.

GTI Responsibilities

  • Arrange the logistics (visas, airport transfer, orientation, lodging, etc.)
  • Process payments
  • Recruit and admit students to the program
  • Provide weekly cultural events
  • Provide professional development workshops

Benefits of Participating in the Program

  • Recruit future graduate students
  • Build research links with other top universities
  • Provide current graduate students with supervisory experience
  • Advance your own research
  • A modest stipend per student hosted is provided. This may be used as supplemental pay, transferred to a departmental account or be used to cover other departmental, lab or graduate student costs.

Faculty Mentor Registration

Please contact the GTI if you are interested in being a faculty mentor and register your lab with the form below: