Virtual and Online Certificate Programs

The Global Training Initiative offers various online short-term, certificate programs for our campus community and global partners. We utilize a number of e-learning platforms and channels for our training and development programs. Research suggests that a combination of asynchronous content and synchronous facilitation leads to the best e-learning outcomes.

Current Programs

Our virtual course options can be taken individually or as combination programs. More than 350 NC State and overseas students participated in GTI virtual programs during 2020 when we offered a menu of options that included program topics such as data science, global leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, cultural competency, as well as technical and professional communications. Find information and active application links in the drop-down menu below.

All meetings will be facilited via Zoom Web Conferencing, and times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Current Certificate Programs:

GTI is continuously leveraging the knowledge, skills and expertise at NC State University and our many partner instutions to offer customized programs on various topics. For inquires about how we can meet your online learning and professional development needs, please contact

Additional Program Offerings Include:

Academic Professional Development

  • Students will prepare and utilize the materials and skills needed for effectively marketing their academic skills to employers including, resume, cover letter, relationships, elevator pitch, research presentations and interviews.

Building Bridges: Introduction to Coalitions

  • Students will identify the factors which lead to effective coalitions, and apply leadership strategy to practice the skills needed to build understanding across differences.

Culture Comparison

  • Students will discuss social, political, economic and religious norms in the two countries as a practice in building cultural knowledge and sharing personal experience.

Entrepreneurial Thinking (IP) and Business Plan Implementation (BPI)

  • Students from various academic disciplines will work together to identify and analyze the viability of entrepreneurial opportunities, collaborate in effective entrepreneurial teams and understand what is required to develop entrepreneurial ventures.

Global Leadership

  • Students gain awareness and application of personal leadership style and cultural preferences and how these elements will influence their own leadership efficacy. Students will identify and practice skills related to building diverse teams and managing across differences.

Introduction to Interfaith Engagement

  • Students will consider the basic framework for effective interfaith engagement in the 21st century.