Ilin Misaras

Associate Director

Ilin is the assistant director of the Global Training Initiative.

Ilin develops and oversees the GTI’s marketing and communications efforts to external and internal audiences, which includes the management of the unit’s online and social media presence. She is also spearheading efforts to develop and utilize new technology, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to teach global communications and leadership skills. Ilin is certified by Berlitz as a Cultural Orientations Approach (COA) Corporate Practitioners. She is also certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center to administer and debrief and train individuals and groups based on their Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessment.

Ilin joined the GTI in 2010, first as a teaching assistant. Prior to starting a career in international education, she worked as an award-winning journalist for companies like CNN International, Bloomberg News, and various local news outlets. She was also an adjunct professor at William Peace University where she taught a course on Media and Culture.

Ilin holds a Master in International Studies from NC State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from New York University.

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Ilin Misaras