How To Sound Like a Wolfpack Football Fan

Football season officially kicked off Thursday as NC State beat the University of South Florida in the season opener at home in Carter-Finley Stadium. NC State University football offers unique U.S. American and North Carolinian cultural experiences to all who are able to attend or view the broadcasted games. In addition to taking in the sights and the smells, newly-minted Wolfpack fans should also enjoy the sounds of the season that represent generations of cultural tradition at our university.

The NC State University Marching Band, also know as the “Power Sound of the South”, strives to make Carter-Finley a high-energy, intimidating place. In addition to their entertaining halftime show, these 345 student members play the songs that bind the Wolfpack together: Red and White and the Alma Mater.

“Red and White” is the NC State Fight Song, a traditional march played during the game to drive up energy. The alma mater is a traditional vocal tune played after each game. Download the lyrics below for reference at the game so you are ready to sing along.

Edited to add: NC State changed the lyrics to the Alma Mater in February 2022 following approval by the NC State Board of Trustees.

The NC State Varsity Pep Band, under the direction of Dr. Paul Garcia, performs one of the NC State songs, “Red and White,” in May 2021. Red and White J. Perry Watson Audio engineering and videography by Colin Moore and Lanz Santiaguel