Virtual Poster Competition

During Summer 2020, the Global Training Initiative matched 100 students with mentoring professors at various North Carolina universities for the virtual Global Education, Academics and Research Skills (GEARS) program. The students, who are enrolled at twenty-five different international and domestic universities, completed a 5 or 8 week intensive research project related to their field of study. In addition to learning valuable research skills, participants received GTI coaching in scientific communication and a workshop on pursuing graduate studies in the United States. The final program component tasked students with creating an academic research poster for virtual presentation of their work.

After scoring the presentations on a rigorous rubric, the GTI is excited to announce the winners of our first virtual poster competition!

Overall Top-Scoring Presentations

The following four presentations represent the highest-scoring submissions for the Summer 2020 GEARS Program.

First Place: Xingfei Xu, Northeastern University and Yangyang Luo, Zhejiang University – “Artificial Intelligence and its Application: Rareplane Detection”

  • Mentor: Dr. Hien Tran, Department of Mathematics at North Carolina State University

Second Place: Ruoyu Li, Huazhong University of Science and Technology – “Constructing Foreigners, Migrant Workers and Pandemics: Social Othering and COVID-19”

  • Mentor: Dr. Julia Morris, Department of International Studies at UNC Wilmington

Third Place: Xiao Yu, Zhejiang University – “Pedestrian-Vehicle Communication Displays in the Context of Autonomous Driving: A Scoping Review”

  • Mentor: Dr. Jing Feng, Department of Psychology at North Carolina State University

Fourth Place: Yuning Du, Beijing Institute of Technology – “Rainbow Simulation Based on Matlab”

  • Mentor: Dr. Larry Silverberg, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University

Reviewer’s Top Pick

The following students and teams were noted as their reviewer’s highest scoring (out of 8-9 presentations)

  • An Luo
  • Hongjing Chen, Siqi Du
  • Kawthar Alashoor
  • Phineas Nyang-oro
  • Pryor Gibson
  • Zhaodong Yang

Honorable Mention

The following students and teams received an average score of at least 45 out of a total possible 50:

  • Haoyang Luo, Kaichang Chen
  • Jing Lyu 
  • Jingcheng He, Wenxuan Guo 
  • Junxin Peng, Xinghua Sun
  • Mingming Xiao
  • Pinrui Guo 
  • Qingqiao Hu, Yuhan Wang
  • Xin Ye
  • Yanjie Huang

GTI sincerely thanks our various partners for making this virtual program a possibility:

  • International Partner Universities:
    • Beijing Institute of Technology
    • Central South University
    • Chulalongkorn University
    • Donghua University
    • Huazhong University of Science and Technology
    • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Gifted Student Program
    • Northeastern University
    • Southern University of Science and Technology
    • Zhejiang University