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Online Certificate Programs

Virtual Learning

The Global Training Initiative offers various online short-term, certificate programs for our campus community and global partners. We utilize a number of e-learning platforms and channels for our training and development programs. Research suggests that a combination of asynchronous content and synchronous facilitation leads to the best e-learning outcomes.

Student Cultural Competence Program Expands Global Reach

The global expansion and growth of the DCC program has allowed our NC State students to embark on their cultural competency journeys with a greater international diversity of students

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Our virtual course options can be taken individually or as combination programs. More than 1,500 NC State and overseas students participated in GTI virtual programs during the last two years when we offered a menu of options that included program topics such as data science, global leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation, cultural competency, as well as technical and professional communications.

  • Global Leadership
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking (IP) and Business Plan Implementation (BPI)
  • Academic Professional Development
  • Introduction to Interfaith Engagement