Adrienne Shank

Program Coordinator

Adrienne Shank is an international programs coordinator who works with the SKEMA program as well as the GTI’s outreach and engagement in Latin America and various other programs.

Adrienne Shank joined GTI in 2021 as an International Programs Coordinator. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Millersville University and is a 2020 graduate of the Master of International Studies program at NC State. Prior to joining GTI, Adrienne worked as an educator in language and culture, teaching Spanish domestically and teaching English as a second language abroad. As a graduate student at NC State, Adrienne coordinated short-term study abroad programs for business students in the Poole College of Management.

Adrienne’s interest in international education stems from her personal travels abroad. She studied Spanish language and culture as an undergraduate and spent a semester abroad in Granada, Spain. Adrienne has continued to travel, leading groups of students abroad in language and cultural immersion programs in Costa Rica. These experiences led to her interests in intercultural communication and global studies.

Adrienne is a 2019 winner of the NAFSA Region VII Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Case Study Competition.

Adrienne Shank