International Faculty Fair

NC State is piloting a virtual meet and greet with faculty members at some overseas partners in Colombia. During this International Faculty Fair, you will get to meet 100+ faculty members from 31 top universities in Colombia. You can share your research interests, meet new colleagues, share contact information and, if you wish, follow up later to explore possible collaborations on research, instruction, grant opportunities, graduate student recruitment, etc. Conversations will be in English (unless you want to speak Spanish) and there is no commitment or cost.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first fair.
We will email a brief survey soon.


Chancellor Randy Woodson led an NC State delegation to Colombia in 2018, visited several top-ranked research universities, and signed collaboration agreements with several schools. While in Colombia, NC State also signed with a large consortium of the top 31 universities (CCYK: Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge). You may check out the CCYK members list: You may also see the partner’s profile:

NC State is partnering with CCYK secretariat to promote this “International Faculty Fair”. Please help us promote this great event to any interested faculties in your department/college. We welcome all DGPs, Department Heads, researchers, junior and senior faculties from your department/college.


We will use Zoom. The beginning of the Fair will include a 5-minute presentation on “This is NC State” and “Tips for Collaborating with Our Faculty”, then NC State and Colombian faculties will split off into different break out rooms based on discipline or research cluster. You can share your core research areas, graduate funding opportunities, or any other information you wish with each other. This program is designed to overcome the challenge of not knowing who is doing what and help you meet potential collaborators in the age of COVID.

NC State-CCYK (Dec. 9) Fair

View the faculty profiles that were submitted