GTI in the News

GTI Programs in the News (2016)

January 11: French film festival to kick off month-long stay on NCSU campus (Technician)
January 13: Cultural space adds art, invites discussion (Technician)
January 14: Film picks (News & Observer)
January 18: The week ahead (
February 10: French film festival draws crowds to showings (Technician)
May 11: KAUST Students Excel at NC State (Global Eyes newsletter)

GTI Programs in the News (2015)

May 14: NC State Top Choice for Gifted Saudi Students (Global Eyes newsletter)

GTI Programs in the News (2014)

August 8: Feature on the GTI’s Summer Academic Program in the China Press (page A3)
September 12: Triangle residents join National Day of Service on 9/11 anniversary (News & Observer)

GTI Programs in the News (2013)

March 22: China’s State Food and Drug Administration Institute of Executive Development meets with NC State’s delegation (article is in Chinese)
November 6: NC State hosts Fulbright Global Food Security Seminar for second year in a row (OIA Communications)

GTI Programs in the News (2012)

May 3: Poole College of Management partners with SKEMA Business School on Global Luxury Management dual degree (PCOM Communications)
September 13: GTI students commemorate 9/11 by serving the Raleigh community (Technician)
September 28: French bread expert Dr. Steve Kaplan explores “cursed bread” in France (CHASS News)
October 16: North Carolina State University launches Fulbright conference (Yuma News Now)
October 18: Fulbright students tour the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in Goldsboro (News 14 Carolina)

GTI Programs in the News (2011)

February 7: The French Connection (NC State Feature Stories)

GTI Programs in the News (2010)

May 19: NCSU lands French campus (News & Observer)
July 20: GTI students experience democracy in action (News & Observer)

GTI Programs in the News (2008)

November: GTI and SPIA host Brazilian Fulbright students to witness historic 2008 elections