GTI Thanksgiving Homestay Program

The Thanksgiving Holiday is a uniquely North American experience. Like going to a football game or seeing the Statue of Liberty, many visiting students add celebrate Thanksgiving to their USA Bucket List. For those students that are able to do so, it is often a highlight of their time spent in Raleigh! For these reasons, GTI promotes cultural exchange and homestay experiences over the Thanksgiving Holiday each Fall semester.

Although the original deadline for hosts to sign up has passed, we are still accepting applications in hopes we can place some additional guests for the holiday.

Thanksgiving Day is Thursday, November 28, 2019.

The GTI Thanksgiving Homestay Program provides international visiting students at NC State an opportunity to experience this American tradition during the Thanksgiving holiday. Local families, faculty, staff, alumni, and students are encouraged to sign up as hosts. All applications are due by Monday, November 18th. Hosts will be notified of their matches and provided with guest information by Wednesday, November 20th and will be responsible for contacting the guest(s).

“It was a really great experience! The family has been so welcoming and nice to us. They talked about their family and they asked about us and our families, too. It was a sharing moment for all of us. We couldn’t have dreamt of having a better first Thanksgiving!”

GTI Thanksgiving Homestay Guest

By signing up, hosts agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Complete a host profile to help GTI staff in matching guests with hosts and provide students with reasonable expectations of the host environment.
  • Provide transportation for your guest(s) to and from NC State campus at the beginning and end of the program. Dates of the program are flexible, and will be determined by the host family‚Äôs schedule.
  • Provide overnight accommodation for multi-day guests.
  • Share a Thanksgiving meal and conversation about his historic tradition and its significance to the USA and/or to your family.

The application for guests has closed. Thanks for your interest. Check out Thanksgiving at Clark Dining Hall if you are still looking for Thanksgiving Meal plans on campus.

Any NC State student is eligible to apply to be a guest. By applying to be a guest, students agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Complete a guest profile to help GTI staff in matching guests with appropriate hosts.
  • Be polite – your host is not your server. You may be asked to help in preparations or entertaining.
  • Remain flexible – the dates and times of transportation and events will be determined by the host.
  • Share a traditional Thanksgiving meal with your host family. We encourage students to provide cultural comparisons and share about your own family and traditions with your host.

Note: the university holiday begins on Wednesday, Nov. 27 and students are expected to be back in class on Monday, Dec. 2.

Maybe interested but not ready to commit? Please reach out to Becky Cibulskis with your questions.