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Culinary World Cup

Watch our student chefs unleash their culinary skills on the global stage!

Cooking Competition Across Cultures

The Global Training Initiative at NC State is partnering with NC State Dining to host the first-ever Culinary World Cup this fall. Students will sign up individually and be placed in cross-cultural teams. These teams will then compete by cooking in the state-of-the-art teaching kitchen in the Carmichael Gym.


Team 8/9 used the secret ingredient of feta cheese in their final creation that impressed the judges and the audiences. Menna Elsayed, Cate Hawting, and Roopa Velraja were crowned the 2023 Culinary World Cup champions!

culinary world cup brackets

Round 1 – Preliminary Rounds: October 25-27

Students will be placed in one of 12 teams who will compete in the preliminary round at the end of October. Each team will compete in a (1) two-hour slot on October 25, 26, OR 27 during this round between 1-5 p.m. The teams will be notified by email if they are moving on to the next round by the afternoon of October 27.

Round 2 – Semifinals: November 1-2

Only 4 teams will move on to the semifinals where they will compete in this head-to-head knockout round for a place in the final competition. Each team will compete in a (1) two-hour slot on November 1 OR 2 during this round between 1-5 p.m.

Finals: November 9 (will also be live-streamed)

The final two teams, the crème de la crème, will compete at 3:45 p.m. in the final head-to-head competition for the title of Culinary World Cup champions. This final competition will also be livestreamed.

Who can participate?

Any and all students on the NC State campus. If you love to cook and want to meet and work with other students who also love to cook, then apply now! Applicants are expected to have basic kitchen skills and will need to watch a knife safety video and sign a liability waiver. So if your cooking skills are limited to microwaving food and boiling ramen noodles, then perhaps you would prefer to participate as a spectator instead.

Teams will compete in one round each week from October 25 through November 9, and each round will take around 2 hours to complete. Applicants are asked to indicate their availability for each of the competition weeks to better match teammates with similar availabilities.

$0. All ingredients and cooking utensils will be provided in the Carmichael Teaching Kitchen, so you and your teammates do not have to purchase anything. In fact, teams will not be allowed to bring in their own ingredients or cooking gadgets.

Part of the challenge for this competition will be to work in cross-cultural, multicultural teams to learn from each other and about one another’s culture. So applicants sign up as individuals, and we will place you on a team.

Individuals will be placed in teams that will include an alternate/backup chef in case someone gets sick or can’t participate any longer. We may also reach out to previously eliminated competitors to help round out teams who might have a member drop out before the finals.

Each team’s dish (or dishes if you have time) will be scored on taste, creativity, and visual appeal. Guest judges will come from the NC State Campus Community and will include professional chefs.

Besides bragging rights, the winning team will have their recipe featured in one of the campus dining halls.