Looking for activities for this Summer at NC State?

GTI visiting student Shahd Ali is completing the KGSP Summer Research Program in Raleigh. While exploring the area and creating her own calendar for activities, Shahd decided to share her information with the greater visiting community! We invite you to check out her interactive booklet with lots of fun facts to be discovered:_REU & Drone Camp SU’19 Activities


    I would like to attend any sports events and connect with some soccer and basketball teams

    Hi Mr. Basma, and thanks for your comment. Welcome to North Carolina. You are certainly in the right location for soccer and basketball events. Unfortunately the basketball season has ended, and will not start again until October 2019. I’m afraid you may not be with us at NC State at that time. There are a few great basketball sites to see in the area, even off-season: NC State University Reynolds Coliseum, Duke University Cameron Indoor Stadium, and the Carolina Basketball Museum all showcase the best in collegiate basketball. The North Carolina Museum of History in downtown Raleigh also has a great Hall of Fame for NC Sports: https://www.ncmuseumofhistory.org/exhibits/nc-sports-hall-of-fame.
    There are some great options for local soccer viewing this time of year–most notably the NC Courage will be hosting the 2019 Women’s International Champions Cup August 15-18. The North Carolina Football Club is also playing in Cary through the Summer. Collegiate soccer also begins in mid-August so keep looking for opportunities to engage.

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