GTI Student Snapshots: Marc Pellafinet

Marc is a graduate student in the SKEMA Business School, which is a global business school that is based in France with satellite campuses in Brazil, China, and the U.S. He is originally from Lille, France and came to study at the SKEMA Raleigh campus at NC State University in order to improve his English skills. Marc completed the Developing Cultural Competence Certificate this semester during his time at NC State. He also participated in the Cultural Exchange Network‘s Buddy Program.

What’s your favorite part about studying at NC State?

The campus infrastructure is amazing, and we have so many opportunities: swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, soccer fields. And, there are a lot of modern areas to do work such as the James. B. Hunt Jr. Library or the D.H. Hill Jr. Library on main campus.

What aspect of being part of NC State has been surprising for you?

The fact that everybody is nice and helpful. At the beginning of the semester, we did a campus scavenger hunt and had to find different places, and everybody was willing to help us. It also continued to be that way all semester long when I needed help.

What advice would you have for other international students coming here to study?

Don’t be shy, Americans are very nice people. Participate in the campus life through the numerous events that are provided: sports, games, cultural, etc. Everyone can find his happiness if he gets off his couch.

What is something you miss about home?

My family! NC State can give me friends, but I can’t wait to meet my nephew who’s born in February.