DEW: Interbelief Exchange

10-18-InterbeliefExchange.fw.pngAs a part of Diversity Education Week at NC State, the Global Training Initiative hosted an event focused on sharing experience across different faiths and world views. This Interbelief Exchange was open to all students, faculty, staff and community members as an opportunity to embrace the inclusive interfaith climate at NC State University.

Table Discussion: Politics & People

Upon arrival, participants were challenged to make a sticky name-tag that shared their first name as well as their personal “faith identity.” Faith identities represented ranged included Catholic, Muslim, Bahai, Atheist, Hindi, Spiritual and more. GTI staff acted as table facilitators at round tables of 5-10 students. Each table was tasked with having an open conversations about their experiences under a topic such as: Family & Community. With broad topics, conversations touched on everything from Sunday School lessons to getting involved on campus.

In addition to the Interbelief Exchange activity, the event was also used as an opportunity for the official dedication of the Interfaith Prayer & Meditation Space in Witherspoon 204. Students Miriam Roochvarg of the Hillel Student Group and Maria Arfeen of the Muslim Student Association shared what the opening of the new space means for their peers and Chancellor Woodson spoke about the importance of offering these types of cultural resources for our students in support of their academic efforts at the university.

For more information about the the interfaith movement at NC State, contact Miriam Roochvarg, president of the Better Together Student Organization.