GTI grooves with the Beijing Dance Academy

Faculty from the Beijing Dance Academy, one of the top dance schools in the nation, came to North Carolina State University for two weeks in October for training in Dance Education in North Carolina. They visited the North Carolina Department of Instruction to find out about common state and national standards related to K-12 dance instruction and even took a minute to stop by the State Superintendent’s office.

In addition to visiting higher education institutions around the state, including Duke University and the North Carolina School of the Arts, the training participants experienced dance education in other settings and for all ages. Their site visits included a local high schools where they watched some of the students perform. The group also stopped by the Cary Senior Center to see the dance programming offered there. They even were able to visit a couple of private studios to see all of the different ways that our communities interact through dance education.

At the Cary Dance Productions studio

We were so glad to get to work with this amazing group of faculty from the Beijing Dance Academy, and wish them all the best as they take what they have learned back with them to their institution.

Dancers for life
Dancers for life