Showing Off in Talley

The Office of International Affairs unveiled the “Wolfpack World” display as a part of the Grand Opening of Talley Student Union this week. This display highlights accomplishments in International Education at NC State and will remain through the end of the Fall 2015 semester.

Where will you find this special showcase? The Culture Hearth at Talley.
Like the fireplace near University Dining’s One Earth- World Cuisine, the Culture Hearth is a newly designated lounge area of Talley–fully equipped with an electric fireplace! Located on the main floor of the Student Union, the Culture Hearth is a meeting place of cultures and nations. In addition to acting as a showcase for international programs ranging from Study Abroad to Intensive English Program, the Culture Hearth serves as a comfortable environment for intercultural exchange and global collaboration.

Check out the Cultural Hearth (located around the left corner of the main entrance off Cates Ave) next time you’re in Talley.

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