GTI goes to Russia

The Global Training Initiative is expanding its training programs to Russia. The partnership with the Perm National Research Polytechnic University and NC State started in November 2014 when Perm faculty and administrators came to NC State for a training program about Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Then, in May 2015, the GTI arranged for 3 NC State faculty members to travel to Russia for a conference and to conduct a training program in Perm: Jennifer Capps, the director of undergraduate programs for the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative; Roger Debo, the director of The Entrepreneurship Collaborative in the Poole College of Management; and Steve Markham, professor of management and innovation & entrepreneurship in the Poole College of Management.

NC State at the Kremlin

The trip began with a EURECA (Enhancing University Research and Entrepreneurial Capacity) conference on innovation and entrepreneurship in Moscow. The faculty then traveled to Perm and to visit with the university and conduct some training before capping off the visit with a trip to St. Petersburg.

Capps said the entrepreneurial spirit in Russia was “truly impressive.”

“They had creative ideas. They were thinking about what the future was going to look like and how they were going to fit into it,” she said.

Capps added that the trip opened new doors and underexplored territory for their students to view entrepreneurship from a worldwide perspective. The faculty are better equipped to help students make connections and see how the country operates.