Frozen treats

Students in the KAUST Foundation Year Program at NC State recently got a chance to visit the university’s dairy processing plan, the Feldmeier Dairy Processing Lab.

IMG_5949The lab is most well known for its many flavors of Howling Cow ice cream, which is a big seller at the NC State Fair each year. The KAUST students had previously sampled Howling Cow ice cream at the fair, and now had a chance to learn more about everything it takes to make and sell the product on the NC State campus.

The students got a tour of the facility from Director Gary Cartwright, who explained how the lab is both a teaching and research facility that’s been at the cutting-edge of food science innovations and training. Cartwright also explained how all of the plants operating costs are generated by the revenues from the sale of its dairy products and other fees and research grants.

Cartwright walked the students through the process of how milk is processed after it’s brought from NC State’s dairy cows. He also took them to the freezer where ice cream is stored at -11ºF before it’s ready to be sold and consumed.

The highlight of the visit for the students was definitely getting to sample some of the frozen treats that the lab produced. And given how much the students like the ice cream – there may be a Saudi Arabian branch for Howling Camel in the future.