Building global friendships and networks

How do you call someone a friend in Arabic? or French? How much time do you spend eating a meal? NC State students explored these types of questions about cultural differences with the GTI’s international student population in a series of workshops and events focused on helping students build global networks.

IMG_0929Over the course of the day, four different workshops were run by the Leadership Council as part of the International Cultural Leadership Project (ICLP). More than 150 participants from the SKEMA business school, the KAUST Foundation Year Program, joined NC State students enrolled in Arabic and French classes through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The workshops included a mix of presentations and small group discussions on various cultural differences in communication, networking and friendship.

The Leadership Council will present several more Global Networking workshops over the next few weeks.

IMG_20140919_102354209Speed Friending

The GTI also organized a “Speed Friending” activity in the afternoon. Structured the same way as a speed dating event, the two-hour long activity was fast-paced and lively as 40 participants were able to meet and talk with each other while enjoying a pizza lunch. English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Ukranian, Urdu, Portugese and Spanish were among the languages heard during the workshop.

IMG_0947Another “Speed Friending” workshop will take place in October.