ICLP honored with community service award

The International Cultural Leadership Project (ICLP) was selected as the recipient of the 2013-2014 Deborah S. Moore Outstanding Service Program award. The award was presented at the annual Center For Student Leadership, Ethics, & Public Service Ronald C. Butler Leadership Awards Ceremony.

Proudly displaying the award
Proudly displaying the award

In the 2013-2014 academic year, ICLP participants logged more than 900 hours of community service in the Triangle with nine Triangle-based nonprofit organizations, including the Raleigh City Farm, Miracle League of the Triangle, Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC, Raleigh Parks and Recreation, US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, The Green Chair Project, Note in the Pocket, and the Kramden Institute.

The ICLP also contributed in-kind donations totaling more than $11,000 to purchase seeds for the Raleigh City Farm, furnish an apartment for an incoming refugee family with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and host a Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Event.

The Welcome Home Refugee Project was added to the ICLP in the fall after several students had mentioned that while they liked volunteering with several different nonprofits throughout the semester, they would also like to build a strong partnership with one or two of those nonprofits, in a project that lasted throughout the semester or was repeated throughout the semester. The GTI then reached out to the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), and decided to become a sponsor for their “Welcome Home Project.” Throughout the semester, groups of students and staff completed shopping activities to furnish an apartment for an incoming refugee family. This project involved a smaller group of interested students and aligned with the mission of the ICLP to serve the global community of North Carolina.

A smaller group of students who participated in this project also cooked meals for the Iyoko family who are originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo but have spent most of the last decade in central Nigeria. They met with them shortly after the family arrived and settled into their apartment in Raleigh. The monetary value of the donation from the ICLP to the USCRI is an estimated $4000, with 240 hours of service contributed. It was also beneficial for students to understand the process of relocating to the United States under completely different circumstances than most families.

The ICLP’s commitment to service throughout the Triangle led Amber Smith, Executive Director for Activate Good and NCSU alumna to state, “Whenever we have a major community service initiative in the works, we eagerly reach out to GTI. We look forward to seeing the good they will do for the local community next year and beyond!”

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