GTI Highlights: Zach Milburn

Zach Milburn: ICLP alum, entrepreneur, Haitian chicken-coop founder, and more
Zach Milburn: ICLP alum, entrepreneur,<br />Haitian chicken-coop founder, and more

Zach Milburn is an NC State alumnus who volunteered with the International Cultural Leadership Project and was part of the Leadership Council. “Being part of the ICLP was one of the most valuable experiences I had during my college years,” he said. He is now an entrepreneur in residence at the ThinkHouse, a community specifically for post-grad entrepreneurs who want to start businesses rather than go the corporate route.

As a ThinkHouse Fellow, Zach also spends time at HQ Raleigh, which hosts a larger community of entrepreneurs in a downtown Raleigh space. Zach and his brother have launched as their first post-grad venture. The concept is an on-demand local services marketplace, where customers can browse and purchase specific services instantly at fixed prices. It’s a combination of two other startups they launched while still students: and

Zach's new startup site that he launched with his brother
Zach’s new startup site that he launched with his brother

Zach has worn many different hats: project manager of the ThinkHouse, bringing it from conception to reality; consultant for Bandwidth Labs, which is the parent company of Republic Wireless, a wireless communications services provider; a furniture mover; chess instructor; and the list continues. He considers his most successful venture to be a chicken coop he started in Haiti last summer. Zach used the French language skills he honed as an ICLP volunteer working with French students from the SKEMA Business School to find out what the community needed. The project was funded with $1,000 in seed money from family, and the chicken coop that started with just 100 chickens has already grown to 1000.

“The manager just recently asked me to raise money to quadruple the amount to 4000 chickens,” he added.

In addition to Haiti, Zach has lived in or traveled to more than 25 countries.

“The real learning happens outside of the classroom,” he said. “Get out and get involved.”

Zach is one of more than 2100 students who have participated in the ICLP. To learn more about the program or to apply to be a volunteer, visit the ICLP website.