GTI wraps up newly expanded Summer Academic Program

The Global Training Initiative at NC State expanded its Summer Academic Program (SAP) in 2013 to include college students from Beijing Forestry University. There were 24 students who came to NC State for a 4-week, intensive graduate school preparation program.

The students took an introductory statistics course offered by Dr. Emily Griffith from NC State’s Department of Statistics as well as a course on US culture and higher education that was taught by the GTI.

“I didn’t realize that I liked math before I came here,” said Robin Gong, who’s majoring in Marine Biology at Xiamen University in China. “It helped me to find my interest.”

Gong added that the face-to-face contact with American professors was a great help because he has a better understanding of how Western universities operate, and he said it will help him with his graduate school applications in the future.

In addition to taking graduate-level courses, the students also participated in site visits to neighboring universities, downtown Raleigh museums, as well as longer trips to the Outer Banks and Washington D.C.

The GTI also arranged for NC State students to interact with the SAP students during a service learning opportunity with the Raleigh City Farm downtown, weekly movie nights and discussions, and a baseball game with the Durham City Bulls.

Ruifu Wang, who’s studying accounting at Beijing Forestry University in China, believed this comprehensive experience helped her improve her English, deepen her understanding of American culture, and it has convinced her to apply to graduate programs in the United States.

“I really enjoyed myself this summer,” she added.

The GTI expects to grow the Summer Academic Program to include more international students from other partner universities as well as expand the course offerings for the students.

Below are more pictures from the Summer Academic Program: